The team at California Medical Equipment would like to take a moment to appreciate the Mary Rutan Foundation for being trailblazers in the mission to prevent sudden cardiac arrest mortality by contributing to AED funding! #ThankYouMaryRutanFoundation

Bellefontaine, Ohio — The Bellefontaine Examiner 

Grant dollars totaling $10,000 were provided by Mary Rutan Foundation to the City of Bellefontaine and to the Logan County Sheriff’s Department for the purchase and replacement of automated external defibrillators to be placed and used throughout Logan County.

Several failing automated external defibrillators are displayed on a table at the Bellefontaine Fire and EMS Department. Bad batteries and error messages took the 12-year-old units out of service and the costs to repair are around $400 a piece.

The city will use its grant and more than $7,000 to replace aging and failing AEDs on its ambulances. Fire Chief Andy Fissel said the city will get four advanced AEDs for his department and two simplified AEDs for the Parks Department and outside the council chambers at the municipal building.

Older serviceable units will be transferred to the police department for use.

The foundation’s grant was split evenly between the city and sheriff’s office.

AEDs will be placed at the following county offices: jail, juvenile detention center, courthouse, annex and the Colonial building which serves as offices for the commissioners and prosecutors.

Originally written September 22, 2016