Cardiac Science G3 AED School Package


Cardiac Science G3 School Package Includes:

– Cardiac Science G3 AED (7 year warranty)
– Adult Electrode Pads
– Pediatric Electrode Pads
– Lithium Battery
– Alarm Cabinet
– Free 3D Sign (CM-337)
– Physicians Prescription
– Free Premium First Response kit (CM-375)
– CalMed ‘Building is Equipped with AED’ Decal Sticker (CM-37)
– Free CalMed Inspection tag (CM-48)
– CalMed Maintenance Program
– Training video tutorial link
– Free expert consultation
– Free UPS ground shipping

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Cardiac Science:

RESCUE READY® technology
Self-checks all main AED components daily
Completes a partial charge of the high-voltage electronics weekly
Completes a full charge of the high-voltage electronics monthly
RescueCoach™ Prompting & CPR metronome
Clear on-screen text and voice prompts guide the user through the rescue process
CPR metronome keeps rescuer on pace to perform compressions accurately
Text screen also provides information to emergency medical professionals when they arrive
Escalating Energy levels
STAR biphasic technology calculates electrical impedance
Escalates energy to delivery therapy at an appropriate higher level should the patient require a second shock

Adult Electrode Pads:

2 year shelf life.Non-polarized electrode pads
Two identical, non-polarized electrode pads can be placed at either location on the victim’s chest.
One less step to worry about during a rescue

Lithium Battery:

IntelliSense battery
Communicates performance condition, age, storage temperature, and other vital information directly to your Powerheart G3

Pediatric Electrode Pads:

27 month shelf life.The Cardiac Science Pediatric Electrodes are for use on children under 8 years old or below 55 lbs. When plugged in, the Cardiac Science AED limits the amount of energy (50 Joules) that is delivered to a child during a cardiac arrest emergency.
If you have children that are in your care such as elementary schools, churches, or daycare facilities it is crucial to also include a set of pediatric pads with your AED purchase. Be completely prepared for any cardiac emergency with a set of Cardiac Science Powerheart Pediatric pads.
It is recommended to keep an extra set of electrodes in case there are complications during the cardiac emergency.

Alarmed Cabinet:

Basic large defibrillator wall cabinet with window andalarm; measures 16″L x 14 5/8″H x 8 3/8″W.

3D Sign:

Transforming wall sign that can be used in three different configurations (flat, corner, triangular). Each panel measures 6 1/8″ wide by 9″ high. Total measurements at 14 7/8″ wide by 9″ high.

Free Premium First Response kit:

Red-Includes items typically needed in a cardiac arrest event. The nylon, zippered pouch contains (1) pair of nitrile gloves, a pocket CPR mask, scissors, razor, and (2) towelettes.

CalMed ‘Building is Equipped with AED’ Decal Sticker:

Put the sticker on the window of the cabinet for visible awareness of the AED.

Free CalMed Inspection tag:

AED Inspection Documentation Tag. Check the AED monthly to ensure the battery and pads are in-date.

CalMed Maintenance Program:

click here for details

Training video tutorial link:

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Free expert consultation:

Help with AED, any questions and over sight of the AED call (888) 912-2563. Monday-Friday 9am-5pm PST

Free UPS ground shipping:

With all US orders.